andreabarrett.co.uk (formerly the site Intermediary of Hybrid Hearts) is the in-progress online home of the writings of heart transplant recipient & interdisciplinary postgraduate researcher Andrea Barrett.

“I am the subject and the object of my studies. I seek gnosis, to know myself, and in doing so -in elucidating certain realities connected to being a heart transplant recipient, I hope: on a small scale to simply be able to be open, to create a coherence between my outer expressions matching my inner experience. And, in seeking to understand transplantation philosophically, culturally and metaphysically- to unveil what this 21st century biotechnology tells us about being human. I realise these both are lofty goals. Goals that I may not ever fully achieve. But, as the spirit of the first heart transplant is a testament to: Difficulty ought not hold us back. And so: if you feel inclined… follow me on my journey and -when the time is right for me to share- read on…”