Research Projects


August 2019- ongoing: Creative Hybrids Lab. Co-founder and co-host of this international transplant participant creatives network. Working towards securing UK-based artist residencies in 2021 as part of documenting the ground-breaking conversations between critically engaged organ transplant recipients

March 2021: Co-creator of ‘Paradoxes of Paradise‘: an online seminar series hosted every Wednesday in March 2021 by arts organisation Blast Theory. Featuring dialogue (Session 4: Creative Hybrids Lab Meets Transplant Imaginaries on 24th March) between myself and principal investigator of AHRC funded research project Transplant Imaginaries, Dr Donna McCormack, Senior Lecturer at the University of Surrey on the challenges of researching such a complex topic and the growing need for transplant taboos to be candidly addressed. Also featuring live co-created art involving audience; The Remediation Room (on 31st March).

October 2020- June 2021: member of PeARL (Performance Arts Research Lab), via Goldsmiths University London &  Higher School of Economics Moscow. Online student of performance art history & body culture studies curriculum.


December 2020: Presenting ‘Organ Transplantation: A Way Into Understanding How Digital Technology & The Female Logic of Hybridity Intersect‘ at PONToon Symposium, University of Portsmouth.

September 2018 – January 2021: M.A. Liberal Arts, University of Winchester.

MA Thesis: ‘Transplant Participants As Performers: The Mask of the Clinic Self & Hierarchy of Reality.‘ (January 2021)

Pre-Thesis Essays:

‘Intrusion and Immunity: two fundamental pillars of 2020 biopolitics. An exploration of parallels between Covid-19 and organ transplantation, and philosophical implications of proposed solutions.’(May 2020)

‘Supplement to the Supplement: How immunosuppressant- mediated transplantation presents us with the Metaphysics of Immunology and the philosophical problem of Self/Other.’ (May 2019)

‘What are the bio-political and socio-economic implications of “the Gift of Life” and what do they mean for pro- and anti -transplant narratives?’ (February 2019)

‘Disentangling the Heart: Tracing the circulation of fact and myth in the cultural imaginary’. (November 2018)

BA Liberal Arts Dissertation

Know Thyself, Know Thy Other: A Transplanted Heart, A Universe A-Part (May 2018)