Research Projects

August 2019- ongoing: Creative Hybrids Lab. Co-founder and co-host of this international transplant participant creatives network. Working towards securing UK-based artist residencies in 2021 as part of documenting the ground-breaking conversations between critically engaged organ transplant recipients

December 2020: Presenting ‘Organ Transplantation: A Way Into Understanding How Digital Technology & The Female Logic of Hybridity Intersect‘ at PONToon Symposium, University of Portsmouth.

September 2018 – December 2020: Masters thesis (M.A. Liberal Arts, University of Winchester). Working title ‘Transplant Participants As Performers: The Mask of the Clinic Self‘. Exploration of the philosophical and cultural framework of organ transplantation, featuring extracts of conversations and interviews with transplant participants and a discussion of performativity, patient power dynamics and the underlying psychological components holding everything together.

Pre-thesis essays include:

*Disentangling the Heart: Tracing the circulation of fact and myth in the cultural imaginary. (November 2018)

*What are the bio-political and socio-economic implications of “the Gift of Life” and what do they mean for pro- and anti -transplant narratives? (February 2019)

*Supplement to the Supplement: How immunosuppressant- mediated transplantation presents us with the Metaphysics of Immunology and the philosophical problem of Self/Other. (May 2019)

*Intrusion and Immunity: two fundamental pillars of 2020 biopolitics. An exploration of parallels between Covid-19 and organ transplantation, and philosophical implications of proposed solutions. (May 2020)


Previous Projects

May 2018: Know Thyself, Know Thy Other: A Transplanted Heart, A Universe A-Part (Undergraduate Dissertation).