News: Radio Guest on Heart N Soul Radio station at the Wellcome Gallery, London (01.12.19)

On 1st December 2019 I had the opportunity to join the discussion about the importance of patients being directly involved in research about their health conditions, as well as the discussion about what ‘being human’ is all about!

As a heart transplant recipient and intersubjective researcher myself, it was interesting to learn how “scientific” fellow radio hosts found my philosophical analysis of science.

One of the topics I touched upon was how organ transplantation necessitating brain stem death suggests that we are fairly certain that our consciousness/ mind is localised in the brain, and that this implies that we culturally define being human as having a properly functioning brain. I asked: Is this how we want to define our humanity? 

It’s a complex topic, with potentially uncomfortable or controversial implications.

But… it’s important as a researcher to be able to hold space in one’s mind for potentially uncomfortable lines of thought; and to be willing to publicly ask questions that might generate disquiet in contrast to the dominant mainstream narratives, which tend to oversimplify.


Thank you Wellcome Gallery: for allowing me the opportunity to take a gentle step into the world of broadcasting & providing another learning opportunity to refine my verbal expression of ideas in a bite-size way.