The Journey Begins

With the inception of this blog, weeks and years in the making, is birthed many beginnings.

For the sake of brevity, we shall focus on three journeys that are beginning:

1. Making my reflections public  2. Seeing myself as a Writer &  3. Following Joy and my Cosmic Purpose.


Imagery from an artist and scientists, conveying the theme of Beginning:

Inception by Teal Swan Artist Image.jpg
Inception by Artist Teal Swan
ScienceSource Cell Division Image.jpg
Cell Division image from


Journey One: Making My Reflections Public

I am beginning bringing my reflections forth into the world; sharing thoughts that were previously sequestered to the solitary domicile of my own mind.

These thoughts, piece by piece (post by post), shall ever-increasingly and directly enter what I like to think of as the ‘public community of ideas’.

This first journey can be visualised as containing two forking (yet intertwined) paths.




In this intersecting dance of duality:

  • the left-hand path, relates to the personal. As a heart transplant recipient, with over 15 years of experience, anecdotes and existential reflections, I am well placed to consider the emotional impact of having a transplant.
  • the right-hand path, relates to the professional. This will be a place for me as a writer, researcher, speaker.


Journey Two: Seeing myself as a Writer

 I am beginning to see myself as a writer. Writer with a capital W.

Before now being a Writer was out of my grasp.

It was something other people did.

Other people who have a flair for turning people-pleasing into literature.

Alex Grey Art Creative Purple Writer Image.jpg

Before now, writing and being a writer (lowercase w) was something I approached as a lowly means-to-an-end.  And the end was transferring the ethereal ideas in my mind to other people’s minds. Brandishing the tool of wordsmithery like a blunt instrument, convinced that perfect communication was doomed to fail…

…I saw Writing as Sisyphus saw the stone he had to eternally push up a hill.

What has changed, is that firstly by experiencing exquisite works of articulation, I now believe that communication is an art that can succeed. And secondly, through having my own achievements in writing acknowledged, I am forced to reconsider deeply imprinted negative beliefs about whether I can successfully write.


Asserting myself as a Writer is…

….a Beginning of Empowerment.

A beginning tempered by the calcination of an identity, previously built upon assuming inability. It is a beginning graced by the spirit of Free Will triumphing over Powerlessness; it is one notch up the ladder of progression.


Journey Three: Choosing Joy & following my Cosmic Purpose

Fountain film Gold Bubble.jpg
Darren Aronofsky, The Fountain (2006)

A third beginning that this site portends is one which can easily be overlooked and underestimated.

This is choosing joy, spending my time investing in what may simply have the ‘end’ of Joy in life, despite the risk of not being able to translate this into a ‘means’ to ‘live’. Mythographer Joseph Campbell called this way of living life “following one’s bliss”; if lived out fully and correctly, it ought bring one material currency as well as spiritual nourishment.

I have questioned my ideas on Joy and Vocation plentifully.

Though it may sound fanciful. Believing that ideally Joy and Vocation are intrinsically interconnected. But I feel that, in beginning this blog and putting more of my energy towards what touches me as an individual on a fundamental level, this means that I am stepping into my cosmic purpose…  thus perhaps I can even say that I am beginning fulfilling my (most immediate) life purpose.

Talk of ‘life purpose’ may seem heavy and burdensome.

…But to me, being caught up in its flow, it’s frequently experienced as lightness of being.

Sunrise Sunset Shutterstock Image





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