Guiding Principles

Sharing my thoughts and feelings in the public domain is initiated under the auspices of three carefully considered principles:

1. Openness  2. Authenticity & 3. Communication.

How can these Guiding Principles be defined?

And what is the First Principle which unites them all?



  1. Openness: a state of transparency; an absence of barriers to the free existence and valid expression of the totality of truth.
Openness by Teal Swan.jpg
Openness by Artist Teal Swan

Since openness involves the acknowledgement of as much of the totality of reality as possible, it inevitably involves touching upon aspects of reality that happen to be judged as out of line with the conventional narrative and even culturally taboo. There is a lot of fear surrounding ‘shining a light’ upon the seeming ‘darker’ aspects of reality. But openness does not increase the ‘darkness’ that exists. It allows the light of consciousness to permeate, transmuting shadows with illumination.


  1. Authenticity: the practice of becoming more oneself.

Authenticity Imagery Unsourced.jpg

Authenticity involves increasing one’s discernment about what is ‘self’ and what is ‘other’. This discernment heralds the start of an inevitably complex journey of self-discovery which includes (seeming) retrograde voyages along the way.

The simplest way to understand authenticity that I have come across so far (to paraphrase the writer, speaker and artist Teal Swan) is that to become more authentic “is to close the gap of incongruities between one’s inner and outer self.

Alex Grey Art Portrait Eyes Beaming Orange Blue.jpg
By Artist Alex Grey


Authenticity is about the reality of what one is really thinking and most deeply feeling.

It is about becoming conscious of times when one doesn’t express oneself in line with one’s inner experience.

The implication here is that not speaking up -when one has a lot to say- can be considered inauthentic.

And therefore…. truly, truly, under of auspices of authenticity… the creation of this blog propels me one step forward on my path of increasing authenticity.


Alex Grey Art Portrait Face Looking Up EYES everywhere
By Artist Alex Grey


  1. Communication: the art and science of mediation.

Communication has many mediums:

* the written word (writing)

* speech (speaking)

* imagery (artistic)

* body language (visual)


Mediation requires acknowledging one’s own view. It also demands one steps outside of one’s individual perspective. Therefore, communication requires a delicate dance of self and other.


Connection Imagery Green Black Binary.png



Have you managed to figure out what conceptually connects these guiding principles?


It is connection itself.  

Connection is the first principle which unites openness, authenticity and communication, because with each step that one increases the practice of each, the more connected one becomes to oneself (as an individual) & to all external others (the universe at large).