FAQ: Why ‘Intermediary of Hybrid Hearts’?


Fantastical Bridge Intermediary

Short definitions:Edge of Coin

* Bridge between conceptual worlds; communicator of synthesis.

* The Third Way (such as the edge, the usually forgotten third side of a coin, that connects the two opposing sides).


Longer explanations:

*‘Intermediary’ honours my following in the footsteps Hermes Imageof the spirit of Hermes (the deity of boundary-spaces, guide of souls to the underworld and consummate messenger).

*One of my strengths is identifying the specks of gold amidst a sea of grey in the realm of ideas, bringing together concepts that usually are kept divided by disciplines, and presenting them anew.

*Intermediary was chosen instead of mediator, because of connotations of going ‘in’, depth of understanding, and being ‘inter’, that is, additional emphasis on the ‘between’-space.  Intermediary is also clearer than mediator as it is less likely to create mistaken associations and thus meanings.



A homage to ‘Hybrid Bodies’ team and their website: www.hybridbodiesproject.com

My finding the site during a middle-of-the-night google search during an intellectual quest began a series of coincidences which has culminated in:

-my meeting some of the international team involved in their interdisciplinary project

– attending a workshop which just happened to synchronistically be in my home city of Winchester, England, U.K.

-receiving an invitation to their 2019 Montreal Canada Conference (pending grant funding approval, fingers crossed it will be confirmed in next few months…)

-the gift that keeps on giving of intellectual stimulation and continued correspondence

Most notably it has culminated in inspiring my initiating the inception of this site. With the inception of this site exists the hope that others, with similar interests and overlapping research fields, will find me.  As such, ‘Hybrid’ evokes for me the spirit of connection.


Hearts2002 Post Transplant Scar

*In a literal sense, Hearts can refer to my original heart and my donor heart.

*In a more symbolic sense, Hearts can refer to how my heart transplant can be said to be what catalysed me, as an individual in the vast universe, on a cosmic trajectory towards the path where it has become a point of existential yearning for me, and the locus of personal and vocational purpose, to explore (and hopefully find resolution to) questions related to transplantation. Here Heart is synonymous to soul.



These explanations so far are an incomplete Formula

I am imagining the mathematical working out of the pieces of the puzzle of this FAQ answer so far would go as follows:

Intermediary + Hybrid + Hearts = Intermediary of Hybrid Hearts ???

When piecing together these three components to make ‘Intermediary of Hybrid Hearts’ these concepts likely will not make sense together as a singular entity. Incongruities of this singular conception arise, because there are more meanings to the words and their various combinations which I haven’t mentioned yet.

In time, with articles and blog posts, I will be revealing more layers of meaning…

For now, in order that this site name can make more sense, I present a concept…  The concept of ‘Hybrid Hearts’.


Hybrid Hearts

Hybrid-Heart-Drawing-e1546389323615.pngHow can a heart be hybrid? Certainly not in any literal sense. A singular, biological heart, even in the world of transplants, is not conventionally a chimeric mixture of DNA. Any potentially hybridity in the world of transplantation is usually between the heart and the rest of the body (hence ‘hybrid bodies’). 

And so, Hybrid Hearts refers to a conceptual hybridity: the multiplicity of meaning cross-culturally given to the word Heart. These meanings can be broadly divided into two spheres…The literal and the metaphorical. The factual and the fictive. The scientific and the spiritual. The heart that exudes sunbeams and the heart that expels blood.

With the concept of Hybrid Hearts as a fourth idea, things are beginning to come together.


And so, this site is born from exploring two opposing spheres of existence: the literal and the metaphorical; both of which are real and important.

This site is born from a mediation of my personal experiences as a recipient and my intellectual seeking of expanded, interdisciplinary, knowledge in relation to transplantation.

I, Andrea, am the Intermediary of Hybrid Hearts.